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We love designer handbags. We think they should be accessible to everyone. Most of us have overflowing wardrobes where earning a little extra dosh for those layabouts isn’t a bad idea – and who wouldn’t like a little side income from their hard earned (not to mention the free storage). And, if you are a renter – well – you can have a different (designer) bag for any occasion at a fraction of the price.

In doing so we’re also encouraging a positive footprint on our planet, one that values people, creativity and profit in equal measure (learn more about this on our blog) – this is called slow fashion and this is at the heart of our brand.

So ladies, share a bag and feel good for the good you are doing; or have a cheeky fling with a bag and send it back when you’ve had enough - wink wink. A fling can be liberating, no strings and always on your terms. We are strong women, we are for feeling good, having fun, enjoying friendships, boys (and bags) and loving life – oh and looking fabulous.

If you can’t join us now, sign up for updates, take a look around our site, connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, send me a message, I could talk your ears off about this!



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